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Scorpion 5100 Inno GT II

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

  • Scorpion5100 INNO-GTII
  • Maximum Printing Width : 5.1M
  • Numbers of Print Heads(Qty) : 16 UNITS
  • Color System : 4,8 Colors

WHY Scorpion's Printer?


  1. Easy printing by automatically adjusting the height of head for each media and memorized adjustment values by adopting Z axis.
  2. Minimizing the seperation of the media and ink massing by the direct temperature controlling on the specially-treated main print plate.
  3. Minimizing the replacement of ink tube by loading double ink tubing which is specially manufactured.
  4. Various printing type for oudoor and indoor by supplying super high speed and high resolution print mode.
  5. Supplying backlight printing by single, Double and Triple step ink connection.
  6. Loading new software and board with operator-oriented interface.
  7. Supplying Self-diagnosis function and the remote maintenance service.
  8. Easy controlling of the temperature, vacuum and the height of head by the digitalization of all functions.
  9.  Upgrading of the resolution and speed by loading of the new software and new board.
  10.  Preventing the overflow by loading of ink overflow preventing system.
  11.  Minimization of the loss of the ink by recycling the waste ink.(4 colors only) 
  12. The environment-friendly printer which does not excrete waste ink by adopting waste ink recycling unit. 
  13.  Supplying lifetime maintenance service in case of using Scorpion's ink 
  14. Upgraded the printing quality by the attachment of antistatic rope.